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Our Partners

The Wakery would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all of our partners for their invaluable support and collaboration. Without their contributions, we would not be where we are nor able to embark on this exciting journey. Their unwavering commitment to our mission has helped us achieve our goals and make a meaningful impact in our community. We are honored to have such amazing partners who share our vision and believe in the work that we do. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to achieving great things together in the future.

Isringhausen Imports BMW Mercedes-Benz Porsche Volvo

Isringhausen Imports

Isringhausen Imports has partnered with The Wakery and awarded us with the 2022 Isringhausen DRIVE Small Business Grant for our business in downtown Springfield!

Custom Cup Coffee

Custom Cup Coffee has partnered with The Wakery to provide coffee beans to make nonalcoholic coffee beverages as well as standard coffee drinks.

custom cup logo.png
Whimsy-Tea logo.png

Whimsy Tea Company

Whimsy Tea Company has partnered with The Wakery to provide us with their tea products as well as some custom options only found at The Wakery!

Incredibly Delicious

Incredibly Delicious has partnered with The Wakery to provide us with amazing pastry's, cookies and other baked goods that will be for sale, sold fresh!

incredibly delicious logo.png
golden hour bakehouse logo.png

Golden Hour Bakehouse

Golden Hour Bakehouse has partnered with The Wakery to provide different variety of baked goods as well as some savory options!

Ceramics Made by Rosie

Ceramics Made by Rosie has partnered with the Wakery to provide us with all of our in-house coffee cups and mugs, letting our customers drink out of her local, handmade pieces.

Rosie+Logo (1).png
simply creative.jpg

Simply Creative 

Simply Creative has partnered with The Wakery to provide custom merchandise for us , including custom branded products for gifts or business gift packages.

Broad Strokes Home Design

Broad Strokes Home Design has partnered with The Wakery providing interior design options and choices, allowing for the most optimal ambiance for us and our customers!

broadstorkes home design logo.jpg

Downtown Springfield, Inc.

Downtown Springfield, Inc. has partnered with The Wakery offering guidance with downtown contracts, remodeling, and helped with local grant efforts.

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