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Cocktail Making

More Than Just a Night Out

Whether you're sober, sober-curious, trying to drink less, or you've finished drinking for the night, come hang out with us. We're way beyond the boring and simple sodas and bubbly water. We sling fancy cocktails with non-alcoholic spirits, serve up sober sangria, non-alcoholic beers and wines, create craft lemonades, and of course, brew amazing coffee.  Grab a tasty pastry sourced from local bakers and make it an evening you'll remember tomorrow.

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Late Night Coffeehouse and Alcohol Free Bar

Cocktail Final Touch

Cocktails not Mocktails

More than a juice blend, our non-alcoholic cocktails use non-alcoholic spirits that capture the "spirit" of the drink, with a grown-up taste and wonderful complexity. Some of our cocktails taste very similar to alcohol, but all are non-alcoholic.

Wakery Amaretto Sour NA non alcoholic cocktail.jpg
Wakery french 75 NA non alcoholic cocktail amethystos.jpg
Wakery espresso martini NA non alcoholic cocktail.jpg

Amaretto Sour

A True Classic


French 75

Espresso Martini

Local Favorite



5 West Old State Capitol Plaza

Springfield, IL, USA

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Open Since April 2023

Wednesday: 2pm - 11pm

Thursday: 2pm - 11pm

Friday: 2pm - 1am

Saturday: 2pm - 1am

Sunday: 2pm - 11pm

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED

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